What You Should Know About Leather

Now that you have the right style , color and quality leather for your home there are a few things to know about the proper way to care for it in order to maintain its beauty for years to come.

Leather is a unique product of nature and man’s technology. Leather is tanned to last a life time . It will age graciously and will develop its own unique character lines. Each piece of leather is different, with variations in grain, texture, slight color variations and natural markings such as range scars and pore variations. These are unique character marks of all fine leathers and should not be considered flaws.

Try to not place leather furniture near a fireplace, baseboard heaters or direct sunlight. If you must place in front of a base board vent try placing a solid insulation board between it and the furniture to deflect the heat.

To add longer life to your leather it requires minimal care. Read all of these “Tips” listed as they come from a company that has been caring for and repairing leather for almost 30 years.

Regular cleaning with Hidey’s Beauty Treatment or our new eco friendly cleaner Hidey’s Natural Leather Cleaner will remove every day soil once a month under normal use. Unless this soil is removed regularly it acts like an abrasive and will go into the color and dull it over time.

It is the seating areas that are used every day that accumulate the most soil. it is important to treat these more regularly, seat, arm, backrest is one unit to treat. Test the other areas to see if soil comes off on your cleaning cloth. Gauge for your self how often and which areas need to be cleaned.

There are several very important areas that need regular attention. Wherever your skin or hair touches will leave minute traces of your natural “body oils.” (back rest cushion, front edge of seat cushions and arms) removing these unseen traces of “body oil”at least once a month or more, will keep them from being absorbed by the leather. If allowed to be absorbed the oils will accumulate for months unseen until one day you see a dark “stain” in the areas mentioned above. Minimal effort and regular attention works wonders in the beauty & life of your leather.


Leather Tips

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