Retail Furniture Sales and Repair Services

How much does it cost to bring a customer into your showroom?

Each customer that buys your product represents an equal share of the costs of advertising and showroom, as well as all the other costs of doing business you spend each year.

You have trained salespeople to insure that each customer gets an opportunity to purchase something while they are in your store. Their focus is making the sale. They usually do. Now it’s up to your warehouse and delivery team to complete the transaction.

The entire focus of all that time and money spent comes down to the furniture being placed in the customer home and them signing the receipt. Successful transactions prove the expense has been justified.

But! What happens when the customer is unhappy about a minor imperfection or damage to the leather? All that time and money & effort by so many people is now at risk. With so much at risk, is it really economical to get the repairs done in the customer’s home at the cheapest price?

To protect and to save your investment it will require a dedicated professional service organization. An organization with a proven reputation for quality service, which understands leather and has the ability to identify and communicate with your customer about their concerns.

To satisfy an unhappy customer requires technical as well as interpersonal skills.
Every customer expects quality merchandise and quality service. They expect you to correct their problem, with little inconvenience to them.

The additional investment in quality repairs by a professional service company that acts in the best interests of its retail showrooms is not a cost factor but adds value to the store reputation for service.

Here are some questions for you to answer in determining whom you are going to use to service your leather care services.

  1. How well do you know the service company that is representing you in your customer’s home?
  2. Were they chosen for their low price or for their reputation and expertise?
  3. Does the company carry Liability Insurance? Workers Comp? Or are you at risk while they are in your customers home?
  4. Have you seen the quality of work?
  5. Have you seen the technicians? Do they represent your store’s idea of quality service techs? Are they in clean uniforms?
  6. Have you had returns for unacceptable repairs or for returns that your tech could not fix.?
  7. When was the last time you called your customer to be sure they were satisfied by the service you provided? Or do you go by “NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.?”

We are The Leather Solution & Total Leather Care Companies. We do it right the first time. And we have been doing it right since 1986.
Designer Showrooms, and Manufacture Showrooms as well as Independent Showrooms have found it pays to use our services. Did I mention that all our locations guarantee repairs on new furniture for the life of the leather?


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