All-Natural & Eco-Friendly Leather Cleaner

ANNOUNCING HIDEY’S NATURAL BEAUTY TREATMENT for fine leather furniture. The trend for several years has been to change our manufacturing and use of chemicals to a system that would protect the environment without giving up ease of use and be at least as good as the product being replaced. The early products were less than favorable in product performance and at the same time were more expensive. We have all tried them and returned to the product that does the job. The American manufacturing geniuses have never given up and today “green technology” is producing products that are equal to and in some cases out-perform tradional formulas at comparable cost with a greatly reduced impact on people and the environment.

Hidey has a stake in the environment . Do you know that if it were not for leather being used for so many useful and beautiful things our land fills would be piled high with animal hides that are a by-product of the meat industry. Hidey has chosen “green” products that use resources efficiently and do not put human health or the environment at risk.

Hidey’s Natural Beauty Treatment is biodegradable and based on environmentally benign chemical technology. It is a great Cleaner, a Conditioner and a Protector all in one for caring for your leather, without harsh chemicals that might harm the environment. As with all of our products the pH is correct for leather so there is never a chemical interaction that can harm your leather..The green bottle is recyclable PET.
Hidey does it right.


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