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With 30 plus years experience in serving the Leather Furniture Industry & their consumers,through out the USA, we have a very good understanding of leather. We design and produce all of the products we use to clean, condition & repair and we also refurbish tired and worn leather furniture We are a craftsman based company. All of our products are made in small batches and distributed through out the USA to leather technicians. We continue to improve all of our products as new technology becomes available to us. This insures our techs have only the latest and best products, and it is your guarantee as well.

We have applied that knowledge to producing products for the consumer that are field tested by our service techs for quality of performance and ease of use.

The prices quoted on this sight for shipping costs are for the continental USA including Hawaii, only. Shipping costs to locations outside this can be more than the product cost. Just place your order and we will do the math and send you an email listing the cost. You decide. Winter shipping rates are now listed for some parts of Canada. regular ground rate are for spring summer and early fall domestic and Canada.Winter shipping (November – March) to Canada have to ship “Expedited 2-3 days” we have posted actual UPS rates with no packaging & labor costs added. All winter shipping of our products are shipped only on Mondays. All are in insulated boxes with heat packs that get to the west coast in 5 days with no frozen products.

Hidey's Beauty Treatment

Here we have our premier product for the care of fine leather furniture, a leather cleaner/conditioner/protector all in one application. It is an easy to use strong cleaner that is gentle to you and the leather, that is safe for leather with a pH between 4 and 6,so that the leather is never chemically compromised. The conditioning is a unique product that adheres to the leather fibers and keeps them soft and flexible and will never dry out. The stain repellent stays on the surface of the leather to protect against minor spills. All this in one easy application. Use it on all your fine leathers. Furniture,auto seats, and accessories like purse,boots etc. If it’s leather Hidey’s got the solution.

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Hidey's Natural Beauty Treatment

Hidey’s Natural Beauty Treatment is biodegradable and based on environmentally benign chemical technology. It is a great Cleaner,Conditioner and Protector for your leather in a one application solution. Helping your Leather to look and feel like new without impacting our environment negatively.
As with all of our products the pH is correct for leather so there is never a chemical interaction that can harm your leather.

The green bottle is made of PET. A recyclable plastic used in food, beverages and personal care packaging and does not chemically degrade in use.

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Hidey's Suede & Nubuck Leather Cleaner

Restore and Protect your Suede,Nubuck & Aniline(nude) leather furniture, garments, & accessories. One easy application cleans away soil, conditions the leather and adds stain resistant protection. All you need in Hidey’s easy to use kit.
Now available in 2 sizes.
Why live with leather that is discolored & stained when Hidey has the product for you to have clean, beautiful looking leather. One use and it brings up the nap for a “New Look”

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Hidey's Rain & Stain Away Kit

NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA Clean, Condition and Protect, leather jackets, accessories and and now furniture as well.
(This is not a deep cleaning as our regular cleaners listed here. This is a quick dress up that removes “surface” soil as it penetrates the leather to condition & protect from stains)Then leaves a clean sheen on the surface that repels water and oils than would otherwise stain your leather

Why risk your beautiful and expensive leather jacket, boots,or that gorgeous new purse to a sudden change in the weather? Rain Stains & Wrinkles Oh my!
Why risk your leather furniture’s beauty to nasty stain causing accidents in everyday living or that upcoming party?
A quick wipe on& its protected.
Protect all your leathers with Hidey’s Rain & Stain Away.
One easy application wipes away surface soil, conditions the leather and adds water and oil stain protection Then notice the beautiful glossy clean sheen where once you had dull looking leather,
Just in time for company. “did you get new furniture?” “Is that a new Leather jacket?”

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Hidey's Color Enhancement Kit

This really is easy to use. Even a CPA can do it!(see our letters)
New,Improved new formula easier and neater to use neater application method. Apply with a paint brush that flows on for a smooth uniform streak free finish.
Restore the original new look to your favorite garment with a new unique color coating that is easy to apply and is color fast and long wearing. Give new life to an old favorite. Complete instructions for a professional appearance. Available in black or medium to dark brown. Enough for 2-3 jackets. Easy water clean up.
If this is too daunting for you, we can do it for you. We will recolor your coat using one of the color kits. Just ship us the coat, insured, we will do the work and ship it back. Cost is $100 plus S&H about $12-15.

We can also custom match your color and recolor your coat as above . Cost $125 plus S&H.

Ship insured to. The Leather Solution 32 Allen Blvd Farmingdale NY 11735

Please note: this product is not meant for furniture or automobile leather which requires a tougher finish.
Ask us about supplying you with color to touch up or recolor your furniture or car seats if we do not list one of our service companies in your area.

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