About The Leather Solution

The founders of The Leather Solution started doing leather repair for a company called “New Life Service Company”. A vinyl repair company founded as a church work project in the late 70’s that grew to having representatives all around the world doing vinyl & leather repair for the auto industry, while preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many countries (especially Iron Curtain countries)did not allow Ministers to be supported by their church so they learned the skills to repair vinyl and leather in cars to support themselves.

In 1986 3 managers left the New Life Service Co. to form a company dedicated to Leather Furniture Repair & Restoration.

Total Leather Care was born. We worked originally for the Design Showrooms in New York City. These showrooms are not open to the general public only to Architects & Designers and their customers. They were the largest source of High quality contemporary designer leather furniture. We were so successful in satisfying their needs in New York and New Jersey and Connecticut that they asked us to service their showrooms around the country. In 1987 we opened 6 new locations and over the next few years we expanded to 18 locations centered around the design showrooms across the USA. At the same time inexpensive contemporary leather seating was being imported from Italy,and Germany and Leather became the fastest growth area of the retail furniture market. Requests for our services mushroomed.

Today, we continue to service these markets and the consumers who purchase leather furniture for their homes, offices autos and aircraft. We designed the first water based leather finish system for after market repairs and pioneered the idea of successfully Restoring & Refinishing older worn, faded and stained leather furniture. Look at our before & after pictures here on this sight. We designed and produced all of the repair compounds,cleaners and conditioners and systems for this market and today, 30 years later, we continue to have the finest products and services through our Total Leather Care and The Leather Solution networks of skilled leather technicians that is unequaled, with a well earned reputation for excellence.


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