Care and Maintenance of Your Fine Leather

The soft supple feel of today’s leather is a pleasure to look at and to relax on. That beauty can be marred by heat, sun, air conditioning and general wear & tear just like any other product.

The good news is that leather is easy to care for. Everything possible should be done to protect your investment in quality leather furniture. With just a little care, your leather will look good, feel good and last longer.

Unlike other upholstery, leather is repairable. Scratches, rips, holes and stains can all be repaired and refinished back to its original beauty by calling your Leather Solution technician.

Avoid direct sun and heat sources. Leather cannot be “re-oiled”. This was done in the tanning process. Never use oils, or products with oils in them, saddle soaps, detergents and soaps of any kind, silicone, or any all purpose cleaners or solvents. Modern tanning techniques do not require these traditional home remedies. Using them can cause chemical interactions that will change the pH of the finish and harm the natural beauty and the useful life of your leather.

We recommend Hidey’s Beauty Treatment or our new eco friendly cleaner Hidey’s Natural Leather Cleaner for regular in home care of any leather.There is never a chemical interaction as they both the correct pH for the leather.

Information of this type was nor readily known at the time, we were starting our company. There were no “books” on leather repair and restoration.We did our own research to learn all we could about leather and with the help of Tanneries and colleges we found that Leather has qualities that require specific care to clean,protect and condition it without harming it. Every thing we do is for the benefit of the leather with no “unwanted side effects” 30 years and counting.


Leather Tips

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