Cats & Dogs & Leather

We all love our pets and our pets love leather furniture. Unless trained they can quickly “own” the couch for sleeping, looking out the window, and using it as a “claw post”. Every time a cat runs across the leather and jumps their claws go into the leather and leave holes. Dogs claws are harder and scratch away the surface color and protective coats. Training is easy and inexpensive. Every pet store has 18" square plastic mats that have “points” that are very uncomfortable on their paws without any damage to them. They jump on and quickly jump off the furniture. They quickly learn and stay away. The mat is easily moved when a person wants to sit. You will need one mat for each cushion.

When a dog “sleeps” on a piece of furniture they scratch the area then lay on it. The scratching removes any protective finish and allows the oils in their fur to quickly be absorbed into the leather. In a short period of time you can no longer clean the stains they produce. The oils attract soil and you now have “black oily stains” on your once beautiful leather. Early on you can use “Natures Miracle” cleaner to remove the soil, slobber, and minor oily markings as well as urine. Dog urine usually does not permanently harm the leather it just needs to be cleaned with Natures miracle and when dry with Hidey’s Beauty Treatment. or Hidey’s Natural Beauty Treatment

Cat urine destroys leather by turning it into “cardboard”. It removes all of the tanning oils and turns the leather brittle. Your only hope is to wash it immediately with “Natures Miracle”. Follow their directions. Be sure to saturate the entire cushion edge to edge, seam to seam. So it dries uniformly with no water stains.

Be sure to follow the urine down the sides and back of the cushions and clean the platform they rest on and down the sides of the arms they rest against. The same is true for “feces” and “vomit” that sometimes is given to you by an upset animal. Whatever color damages are left after an event we can fix the damaged color like new, If the leather is okay. If your cushions are destroyed by odor and chemicals from the event, we can make you new ones and match the design and the color to the other cushions & the frame. Like New.

Most other damages that look horrible like a "chunk of leather is bitten out of the sofa, or the cat uses it for a “claw post” or scratches . Those non- chemical damages can usually be fixed “like new”.

Just call . We are here to help.


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