We Service Any Leather Need

With over 30 years experience in providing leather care and repair services across the USA The Leather Solution has a wealth of knowlege in dealing with all kinds of leather situations. Our services include repairing minor to severe holes,cuts, scrapes and stains. Complete refurbishing of faded and worn sofas, loveseats and chairs,in homes, offices, aircraft, yachts. Generally making damaged and worn leather look new again at a fraction of replacement costs. Our work is guaranteed to never fail while adding years of useful service to your comfortable older leather at a fraction of replacement cost.

In addition to our professional services we have developed products for the consumer to care for their leather without having to hire professionals. Excellent products that are easy to use and give professional results with little effort.These products come out of our experience in servicing the leather that you use every day. Solving the problems that you face every day so that leather never needs to be replaced, just fixed up a bit. If it’s a leather problem we are the Solution.

Leather Protection

Leather Furniture Cleaning, Leather Jacket Cleaning, If it is Leather We will clean it safely with no chemical damage to the leather.

The first line of defense in protecting your investment in leather furniture is keeping the leather clean. One of the biggest jobs we have is removing stains from the accumulation of “Body oils”, drink & food stains, imbedded soil, and ink stains. With a little TLC your leather will last longer & look better.

The best product, My sofa(Hancock & Moore) looks great. Susan N- 2011

Leather Repair

Leather Furniture Repair, Leather Jacket Repair, Wherever the leather damage we repair it

One of the first things we developed for our new business was a repair compound that would work on leather. Up until that time we had only products made for vinyl. Imagine, in 1980 there was no repair possible for a cut or a scratch in leather. If you had a hole or rip you were out of luck and had to resort to upholstery or live with the damage.In most cases our repairs make the damage invisible to the casual eye. All of our repairs are guaranteed to never fail.

Leather Refurbishing

Faded, Stained, Worn Leather made new again

Making an older worn and faded piece of leather furniture, leather jacket or a leather accessorie or an architectual leather unit look new again and guarantee it will last at least as long as the original requires more than spraying a new color coat to hide all the problems.

My (stained Marc Joseph leather) bag arrived yesterday and I was thrilled with the result. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. It’s like brand new again!!! V.S. Parkland FL

WOW!!!! My leather case looks so amazing thank you.It was sentimental to meand i was just happy to thinkyou could do something with it and then i opened the box and i am so happy.ColeenC. hamden CT

Aircraft Leather Interior

Dried, Cracked Stained & Worn Leather Aircraft Interiors, Made New Again

The atmosphere in todays jet aircraft tend to dry out the leather finish and you can see the"cracks" in the finish within 4-5 years of use. If allowed to continue the leather itself begins to dry out and crack. It is very unsightly.

Leather Garments

Casual & Dress Leather Jackets, Elegant Full Length Leather Coats, Motorcycle Leather Jackets Repaired to new Again Professionaly or DIY Kits

Small rips, holes, tears are usually repaired with our exclusive repair compound. This leaves a permanent repair that is difficult for any one to see and it feels and looks very close to the original. Larger damages require a new panel to be sewn in and recolored to match. Each of our locations will do these repairs . We will also treat the garment with Stain Protection and /or recolor to a like new appearance. All of our services are guaranteed.

I received the coat today and I want to say “Thank You”. You guys did a beautiful job. (Repairing the rips on the sleeve and Hand Cleaning the the Suede leather) My boyfriend’s very happy with it. Amy S

Designer Services

With our reputation for satisfying customers we are a source of service you can trust. With our 30 years experience with after market leather furniture we are a resource for you to lean on when you are specifying leather. We know what works in different environments. Call on us anytime.

Corporate Services

Facility Managers usually have a large inventory of leather seating and architectural leather units that have minor marks, damages, stains, that have been moved into a store room. Too expensive to toss out but too unsightly to use.

Leather Training

Our training is offered to people who are serious about starting a service company under our logo.

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