Cleaning Tips For Your Leather

Never use Leather cleaners that contain any oils, soaps, detergents. Never use “Saddle Soap” on Leather furniture or garments. Never use Hair spray, shoe polish or any other quick fix you hear about. All of the above will rot and or stain furniture leather. Call a professional it’s cheaper and is usually done correctly.

The sooner you wipe away spills the less chance of permanent staining.

Before using any product on leather,always test it in an obscure area to see if the leather color comes off. Always use a wiping motion not a scrubbing motion, always do an entire seat or cushion, do not “spot” clean . Clean seam to seam edge to edge.That way the leather may darken from the water content but will will be uniformly darkened over the entire cushion.

A water spot can be removed by wiping the entire area seam to seam with a damp cloth so there is no “demarcation point” on the leather and the leather can dry unifromly.

Pen and ink marks are a dye and require professional attention.

We recommend Hidey’s Beauty Treatment or our new eco friendly cleaner Hidey’s Natural Leather Cleaner for regular in home care of any leather.


Leather Tips

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