Sound Leather Advice for Designers

Keep your customers happy by learning about what happens to the leather once it is on site for a year from the people who have been caring for it.
Knowing what to recommend when your customer wants leather is more than just choosing a color scheme and the right price. Because there are no national standards for leather quality, it is important to deal with reliable sources for leather. When it is on the furniture and in the home or the office is not the time to discover problems with excessive fading, wearing, staining or color differences.

Leather furniture designed to be used in a playroom with children and parties should have a durable, cleanable finish. A formal dining room requires a stain resistant finish. Leather exposed to large windows with daylight streaming in requires some care in choosing colors and finishes that will not fade too readily. Corporate seating in reception area’s require a different finish than seating for a conference room. Location and use must be weighed against the aesthetics of color and hand. Heavy usage requires leather and leather requires care to remain beautiful as well as functional. Leather is cleanable, repairable and can be refurbished in many cases right on site.

There are hundreds of situations that are unique to any given design challenge. Let us offer you over 30 years of experience in dealing with leather in many parts of our country. Don’t be caught by unforeseen problems that we might easily have been able to recommend a different approach that could have saved you and your client a lot of aggravation, time and money.

Learn about the qualities of leather by asking the people who are supplying the leather and the furniture and then talk to those who are in the business of repairing the problems described above for our opinion. We are happy to try to help you make the right choices for your clients.