Clean, Protect & Recolor Your Leather Clothing

While there are some dry cleaners that specialize in leather garments, it is our opinion that smooth leather jackets and coats should never be dry cleaned. Color problems can ruin your coat. Leather with hair or fur on, yes or pants yes. They come in contact with the skin and absorb oils and soil. They need to be soaked in a cleaning solution. Jackets and coats are different. Other than the collar and cuffs there is no skin contact and cleaning can be done with Hidey’s Beauty Treatment. A topical cleaner conditioner and protector that cleans soiled collars and cuffs and the rest of the piece as well. It leaves a water proofing on the surface to help protect from Rain & food stains.
Some of Hidey’s Color Enhancement (easy to use)kits, results are shown below.

Before and After