Servicing Aircraft Leather Interiors

The seat pictured on the right below is an example of the dried out finish (color & protective clear coat) which typically happens in aircraft due to the dry cabin atmosphere, and the beautiful refurbihed seat from the same plane pictured on the left that we produce for you through the expertise we have developed in technique and products over 30 years. We bring back the original new look and feel to worn dry brittle soiled leather..

Our Total Leather Care service cleans conditions and protects your leather through regular maintenance which keeps this from happening as readily.

The leather can be refurbished as we would any leather furniture. Partally strip,condition, recolor, and clear coat. All of this has been tested many times to be sure it does not adversly affect the fire testing required for aircraft. The work is done on site or in our shop. With little down time and at a very small fraction of the cost of other options.

Before and After