Leather Protection

Minute traces of “body oil” are left on the leather when your skin or hair touches the leather. Unless those minute traces are rermoved weekly or monthly, the leather absorbs them. A year or more later a dark stain suddenly appears on the front of each arm from your hands or the middle of the arm from your elbow or your head when you slept on that comfortable sofa. The single biggest area is where your head touches when you lean back and fall asleep. Another area is where the inside of your knees touch when wearing shorts or a skirt. Those are the primary areas to keep clean. Hidey’s Beauty Treatment cleans conditions and protects leather from this scenario. Clean leather not only looks better it lasts longer. Dry atmosphere from heating and airconditioning will dry out leather over several years. The conditioning agent in Hidey’s Beauty Treatment will keep the soft and supple leather feel with regular use,while the stain resistant ingredient will slow down the penetration of stains from drinks,food and ink. Staining not only discolors leather it increases the breakdown of leather by altering its pH. After doing all this wonderful work, Hidey’s Beauty Treatment leaves a pleasant leather scent.