Leather Color Enhancement Kit for Jackets & Accessories

Give new life to your old favorite Jacket or accesory with a new color coat that adds a professional looking finish that will last for years. A soft supple finish that exactly copies the original beautiful look that you love. Simple and easy to apply. We have done the work in producing this easy to apply color coat so that you wont have to sweat it.

The kit contains. Enough color to do up to 3 jackets. An equal amount of prep & clean to remove any oils or soil. An applicator pad for the Prep & Clean that is washable & reusable. A plastic covered dish for applying color uniformly onto applicator pads. 3 reusable color applicator pads. Rubber gloves and complete easy to follow instructions.


Incredible! It’s still difficult to believe your product"Hidey’s Color Enhancement" worked so well.The jacket was almost devoid of color from my seat belt rubbing against it. I could not wear it any longer. Before discarding it I decided to give Hidey a try.I am so glad I did . The directions were clear and easy to follow, the whole process took 20 minutes. The results were absolutely amazing .The product accomplishee what it claims. The jacket is now evenly black and totally refreshed. I highly recommend its use. I am extremely impressed with the products effectiveness,the clarity of the directions,the ease of the application process and it saved me money. L.I. Seatauket NY

I am extremely happy with the product(Hidey’s Color Enhancement) P.S. CPA LI NY

It did a great job.(on my black leather jacket), it was very easy to use. I cant think of any way to improve it and I will recommend it to my friends. James F. Rochester NY

Your product was wonderful….it made my black leather jacket look better than new ..it was very easy to use and I told many of my friends about Hidey’s Color Enhancement. …. Joanne M.New York City

Two colors available

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